Cancer in the Family in Wilmington NC

Cancer in the Family in Wilmington NC

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A couple of years ago, one of my sisters was diagnosed with Cancer. She did go through with the surgery to remove the 'tumor'. However, I cautioned her that when the 'tumor' is excised successfully what is often suggested is they have removed the cancer from her body. Folks, please hear me when I say the 'tumor' in of itself is NOT the cancer. Cancer in Wilmington NC is a systemic condition affecting localized tissue. To remove the localized tissue and to say the cancer has been removed is not accurate. The body must be cared for as a whole and not in parts. That is the only way true healing will occur (that's not to say the surgery wasn't required and the tumor had to be removed…it may have been).

One Aspect of the Healing Approach in Wilmington NC

This aspect of isolating the body into parts is where I want to discuss one aspect of the healing approach. The following is an e-mail response I had to the suggestion my sister consider taking a nutraceutical supplement for post-surgery treatment of her cancer.

No matter what therapy you choose, a highly effective, individualized and measurable nutritional protocol must be immediately employed. It is essential to measure and monitor the success of your approach either with blood tests and/or meridian stress assessments (which we do here in our office) every few months to determine when and how it needs to be modified over time. Just taking a bunch of high-potency "immune enhancing" products such as the nutraceutical suggested is NOT recommended.

When it comes to helping you with cancer, the nutritional products are critical. To put all your eggs in one basket and put our hope into the latest super product advertised to cure your cancer will probably fail. Instead, a comprehensive protocol that involves all th systems needed to fight cancer must be employed. This is your only real chance at defeating the cancer.

The nutritional support must include the kidneys and the liver. It must also support your immune system and the organ involved with the cancer as well. This is accomplished with protomorphogens (PMGs) from Standard Process.

Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other therapies only buy time. Again, one or more of these procedures may be warranted. However, during this time you must mount a full-body individualized attack on the cancer. This is what your body does with PMGs.

Next, the correct diet is also critical. What I continue to recommend is the Mediterranean diet which incorporates plenty of fat, including saturated fat from meat, eggs, cheese, etc. Trust me on this, it's not the saturated fat creating all the dis-stress, it is the glucose (sugar). The dietary approach is a bedrock part of a comprehensive cancer diet and protocol.

And please do not forget about the neuro integrity of your body. You know that the body must have proper nerve supply to the exact tissues you are feeding with your diet and supplements. Getting your spine checked for the loss of any nerve interference is paramount. Getting your spine adjusted has been shown to increase your immune response by a minimum of 200%.

From an emotional perspective remember Fear is the fuel that fires the furnace of disease and Hope is the wellspring of renewed Health.


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