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We believe that your health is a reflection of your lifestyle choices, so we take a whole person approach when it comes to your wellness and chiropractic needs. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease once it occurs, Sea Coast emphasizes reducing the risk of it occurring in the first place by improving your health. We work with you in three key areas of your life – how you eat, think and move. We personally tailor a wellness program that fits your needs and goals using the least invasive, yet highly effective, techniques and services. Moving beyond just treating symptoms, we work with you to pinpoint what can be causing them in the first place and support your body’s self-healing properties.

Chiropractor Sean Reese D.C.Chiropractor Wilmington NC Sean Reese About Us

Dr. Sean Alan Reese. was born in 1965 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and raised in Toms River, New Jersey, along with his four sisters.

Below are a few professional and personal highlights of my adult life to date:

  • Graduated Springfield College in Massachusetts in 1987, with a B.S. in Physiology of Exercise
  • Moved to Atlanta and graduated in 1992 from Life Chiropractic College (now known as Life University) in Marietta, Georgia
  • Moved to Darwin, Australia in 1993 and practiced Chiropractic in the Outback, driving and flying to isolated towns and islands such as Kunnunarra, Derby, Katherine, Jabiru, Groote Eyelandt
  • Moved to North Carolina in 1998 to practice in Asheville, where he met his wife, Melissa.
  • He and his wife moved to Wilmington in 2001, marrying in 2002
  • Their daughter Ella Rose was born in June 2005; their son Liam was born two summers later in June 2007

Family is very important to me. I am a dedicated husband and father. Although my mother and sisters live out of state, I enjoy traveling to visit them and hosting them here in Wilmington. Family is God’s gift, and I do my best to honor them.

I choose to devote my life to the healing arts because I feel God has given me a gift to help others understand that the power to heal the body resides in all of us, waiting to be released.

I have seen miraculous results in people suffering from autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, chronic headaches and many other serious health issues. From newborns to elderly individuals well into their 90′s, I’ve worked with patients of all ages and levels of health utilizing safe and effective natural treatments.

I believe with all my heart that the one who created the body can heal the body, if expressed unimpeded. I am very passionate about my practice and continually strive to improve upon it by attending health and wellness seminars throughout the world, staying on the leading edge of the current breakthroughs in the healthcare field.

I walk the talk. I recommend to patients what I, my wife and my children do to live healthy lifestyles.

It is my personal mission to offer quality, affordable care to families so that together we can develop a stronger community. I ask that you refer your family and friends to Sea Coast Chiropractic and Wellness. Sharing your positive results with loved ones can make a difference in their lives too.

My personal promise is that I will work with you to develop a healthcare plan that will restore your health to its highest potential and maintain that wellness throughout your life.

I look forward to a life-long relationship with you. And I congratulate you for choosing this office for all your wellness needs.

Professional Organizations (past and/or present)

  • North Carolina Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Association Council on Wellness Science
  • International Foundation of Nutrition and Health

Common Donations

  • Port City Community Church
  • National Vaccine Information Center
  • Fraternal Order of Police (State and Local)

Nanci Joplin


My chiropractic journey began first as a patient in 1982, and then as a chiropractic assistant in 1984. Throughout this time I have had the pleasure of working in several chiropractic settings in both Missouri and North Carolina. Each clinic enriched my understanding of-and belief in-this amazing form of natural healthcare. I know it works because I live it for myself and take great delight in helping guide others toward a healthier lifestyle.

My clinical experience has allowed me to work in all areas of a chiropractic office. From front desk and office managerial duties to exam room tech support and table-side assisting, I’ve interacted with a wide range of patients, providing guidance and support during their healing process and beyond. Numerous seminars have further enhanced my knowledge of patient care and management, X-ray technology and radiographic techniques, acupuncture, chiropractic practice promotion and community education.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, I have lived in Wilmington since 1997. When I’m not in the office promoting health and wellness with Dr. Reese, I’m “walking the talk” in my own life through daily dedication to exercise, nutrition and spiritual studies. My life partner and I enjoy art, music and sailing together.
I believe that my wellness is a direct reflection of my healthy lifestyle choices. Therefore I move well, eat well and think well in order to BE WELL. I understand the importance of setting a good example for our patients, so living out what I’ve learned is vital.

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