Dieting in Wilmington NC : A Little Q with a lot of A

Dieting in Wilmington NC: A Little Q with a lot of A

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"Hey Dr. Sean!

Hope all is well with you guys!

I was talking to someone about this product that her husband is looking into for weight loss and I wanted to get your take on it. Do you mind giving me your two cents?"

(Isagenix Weight Loss supplements)


I am not familiar with the PRODUCT but I am familiar with the name of the COMPANY.

My opinion may be a bit slanted but that's why it's an opinion, eh? I am not a fan of any company that pushes its wares in the name of health in Wilmington NC primarily as a business. I am borderline offended when some layperson wants my attention so they can introduce their product to me when this individual overtly shows minimal signs of health. The companies they are pushing products for in the name of a health for a profit don't utilize whole food based supplements. They use fractionated, synthetic forms of 'nutrients' that the body struggles to utilize. Sure, we can mandate physiology within the human body by forcing a physiological response (i.e. Lose weight, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose, blah, blah, blah, etc…) to whatever we subject the body to. In this case, some synthetic element. The body will have perceived benefits with symptomatic improvement but the body has not move one step closer to homeostasis or balance…or HEALTH. How on God's green earth can we move towards health without eating FOOD. I mean REAL food. Not something that comes in a cardboard box for Pete's sake.

The recent craze relative to weight loss which I was certain that you were inquiring about and in fact did not, is hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). This 'diet' is extremely effective of helping someone lose body fat VERY quickly but again, does NOT move the person towards health. In my opinion (and I'm right) it actually moves the individual further AWAY from health. Give me that pill please, I want results NOW. I just thot of this; hCG in dieting is analogous to steroids and building muscle. Effective but VERY unhealthy.

There are no short cuts in life. If your friend wants to actually get healthy and maintain his/her health then they must go to work. The simple equation is to efficiently kick up the metabolism and feed his/her body properly with REAL food. This is the only way the body has been programmed not matter what these companies are pushing. Sustainability is the key. The body can never sustain itself on synthetic nutrients. FAKE food = fake BODY.

Please direct your friend to my colleagues website at where he/she can purchase Dr. Grisanti's book were he will teach him/her HOW to workout very effectively to kick up the metabolism efficiently.

Additionally, turn your friend onto the Standard Process Purification if he/she doesn't mind working a little, creating a bit of discomfort all in the name of HEALTH. This purification is designed to 'cleanse' multiple organ systems of the body with especial attention to the phase II detoxification pathways of the liver. The LIVER is the fat burning organ. When this organ becomes efficient at doing its job of cleansing the body of the toxic debris that we so often subject it to, the body starts to burn the fat (triglycerides) that have been put up in the attic for storage. Go to to gain more information on the purification. CAUTION!! This website will NOT ask your friend to create their own 'business' by helping them sell their products. Standard Process which is a privately owned by a family grows all their food on a certified organic farm with their own artesian water. This well run company only distributes through physicians (qualified health providers) that actually know a little about physiology and how the body gets and maintains TRUE HEALTH.

Can I hear an ALLELUIA?

Love you girl,

Dr. Sean


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