Dry Skin in Wilmington NC… Don’t Flake Out

Dry Skin in Wilmington NC... Don't Flake Out

Chiropractic Wilmington NC Dry Skin

I was at the gym yesterday and noticed someone in the steam room incessantly lathering himself up with some 'medicated' oil. Of course I could not just sit there without attempting to uncover the true reason why he was suffering so much in Wilmington NC.

I asked him if someone was helping him clinically to address his problem. I got the anticipated reply; "I have been seeing a dermatologist for quite some time and also an Internist more frequently". I asked how that approach has been helping him thus far and he stated that he has not been getting ANY worse. That's code for he's not getting any better. I will say, if he continues on that path he will NEVER actually heal. That's because none of his physicians have addressed the probable cause……The LIVER.

What I suspect is the Internist (by the way, my favorite type of physician-other than a Chiropractor) followed the prudent protocol and ordered a basic Blood Chemistry and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to evaluate his blood.

I will suspect the liver enzymes were 'normal' upon reading the blood results-IF his condition is not tooooo far in dis-stress. Let me explain. It is important to realize that the upper limit of normal has gradually been increased. Why? As a population, our livers are progressively more challenged and thus the liver enzymes spilling into the blood have increased. Over the years the commercial labs have adjusted their normal range upward to accommodate this adaptive change in physiology. Therefore, the liver's reserve capacity obscures less critical dysfunction as 80% failure is often required before liver function tests show elevated enzymes in the blood.

Why it matters in Wilmington NC

The liver does so many things but one of its' tasks is to filter the blood from all the toxic things we eat, drink, breathe, rub in our hair, spray on the skin etc… It acts like the oil filter in an automobile.

The problem arises when the accumulation of these toxins (xenobiotics) overwhelm the body's natural defense mechanisms to eliminate them from the body. The metaphor I often use to describe this quagmire is picture yourself living in New York City and the sanitation department had to lay off half of its staff…or worse, the sanitation department completely goes on strike. The accumulation of all the debris will ultimately adversely affect the function of the entire city.

Upon my brief questioning, this fellow divulged some of his previous lifestyle choices, occupational (chemical) hazards etcetera that has ultimately damaged the function of his filter-the Liver.

The good news is just like the organic, vibrant city of NY that never sleeps, his organic, dynamic, self-healing body has the capacity of cleaning itself up IF he supplies his body with the fundamental elements required to heal itself. This does not come in a lotion to incessantly rub on himself.

He asked me if I knew anybody that does anything like I was discussing, that might be able to help him. With a smile, I said yes. I told him that I was a holistic chiropractor and these are some of the very things that I address with my patients.

I gave him my card and my hope and wish is he will contact me. If he doesn't, no skin off my back.


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