Do I Need to be Taking A Probiotic in Wilmington NC?

Do I Need to be Taking A Probiotic in Wilmington NC?

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This is a question I heard recently and want to elaborate on the answer, because it's kind of a loaded question…or at least the answer is.

Let's start with explaining what the heck a probiotic in Wilmington NC is anyway. I mean, we hear about 'them' all the time now. Magazines are loaded with them and TV commercials are promoting 'them'. So what are they?

About Probiotics in Wilmington NC

Probiotics are living organisms that reside harmoniously within us. We have what is called a symbiotic relationship with each other; meaning, we absolutely need each other if we want to not only survive but thrive. They specifically reside within the mucous membrane of our intestinal wall, often referred to as gut flora. A healthy 'flora' can be thot of as a healthy 'garden', or in this case our digestive tract. I often ask, "How do we know how healthy a garden is? By the types of bugs in the soil." Same goes for us. The health of our 'soil' depends upon the types of bugs living in us.

Since probiotics are living organisms then they must require certain things to survive and be healthy, right? Yes. They too need food and a roof over their head. The food they require is called fiber. You see, our bodies don't personally need the fiber. Our buddies down south (probiotics) need the fiber which is referred to as prebiotic. For example, when you eat an apple (great way to start your day by the way) the fiber in the skin of the apple is the prebiotic and is the food that will be fed to your 'flora'. The probiotics digest the skin and produce chemicals that provide sources of energy to different parts of our body. The roof over their head is referring to having the correct pH in the intestines which provides a hospitable environment to allow them to flourish-and it needs to be acidic.

Allow me to put it another way. I remember when I was a kid growing up in the 'swamps of Jersey'-lyrics for you Springsteen fans-and our house was right on the bay. During that time, underground sewage systems where not prevalent for homes on the water. So we had a cesspool for our sewage for the house. If you're not sure how cesspools function, to maintain the health of the cesspool you had to periodically feed the 'cesspool' healthy bacteria. It was the job of the bacteria to eat the waste, and as long as you were attentive, it worked quite well. However, if you were neglectful and didn't provide the proper bacteria the 'cesspool' would back up and flood the adjacent environment creating a mess.

If you are not supplying your 'cesspool' i.e. intestinal tract with healthy bacteria then you too will back up and create such a mess. How do you know your system is not healthy? You will express one of more of the following: constipation, diarrhea, persistent loose stools, bloating, gas pains, bad breath, stinky feet, excessive body odor, acne and flatulence-especially the foul odor ones.

So the loaded part of the answer to this question lies in the integrity of your food choices. If you are eating innately congruent with your body then everything should be provided for you already and you're good to go. However, you and I both know where our society has gone in relationship to our food choices. You know, even when we are being 'good' there are inherent challenges that prevent us from effectively providing our buddies down south with what they require. So yes, I think it is quite prudent that we supply ourselves with healthy bacteria in a supplemental form.

How do we help people clean up their 'cesspools'? First, you need to have the proper nerve supply to that region turned ON if the switch is in the OFF position. This requires getting adjusted. Second, the soil of your garden needs to be properly cultivated. I recently created a supplemental protocol that cultivates the soil to:

  • destroy the bad bacteria
  • supply the good bacteria
  • establish a healthy pH ('roof over the head' for the 'good guys' to grow)
  • provide enzymes to aid in digestion

And the final component for proper cultivation is TIME.


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