Achoo! in Wilmington NC

Achoo! in Wilmington NC

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Spring in Southeastern North Carolina once again proves to be a paradoxical season for many of us. It's incredibly beautiful with blooming trees, flowers and shrubs exploding with color. But, there's another pervasive color that can evoke horror. It's that yellow-green pollen dust EVERYWHERE. Usually we're not very happy to see this color invading our senses because we know it will send us rushing out to stock up on kleenex and allergy medication. Ah, but there is an effective and safe alternative to the cloudy-headed hang-over from antihistamines in Wilmington NC.

When our bodies are invaded by substances like pollen, dust, dander, or anything we can breathe, eat, or touch, there are specialized cells within the immune system that naturally release histamines that are there to help you handle the invaders. These histamines can cause outward responses that you can see and feel (sneezing, coughing, hives, etc…) as the body's defense systems shift to help you regulate the natural histamine response function at acceptable levels.

Many body systems are involved with this histamine response. The immune system manufactures immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies that meet the intruder, releasing a large amount of histamine. This causes the surrounding blood vessels to dilate, allowing fluid and cells to migrate to the area under attack. This natural reaction creates stress on the immune system. The respiratory system is involved when the histamines cause muscle constriction in the lung's bronchial tubes affecting normal breathing. The liver's ability to remove toxins slows down which means the invaders are not released from the body as effectively. The adrenal glands recognize that the body is under stress and secrete the hormone cortisol to regulate the histamine levels assisting the natural anti-inflammatory response as the body interacts with the pollen and other seasonal stresses. As you can see, it's a very intricate response system.

Sometimes we get too uncomfortable with this process and want to counteract the natural histamine response with "anti"-histamines that will lessen the allergic reaction. However, these drugs come with their own set of problems, not the least of which is an unpleasant "brain fog". I'm happy to share with you some natural alternatives in the form of whole food supplements that will curb the histamine response by simply feeding the body the natural ingredients needed to enhance the body's normal processes. These supplements made by Standard Process are available in my office and they really work!

For the Immune System in Wilmington NC

Allerplex - With the help of vitamin A and C complexes, Allerplex supports the body's immune response to seasonal, environmental, and dietary stressors. Also formulated to maintain healthy liver function, the body's natural cleansing system.
Cal-Amo - Provides chlorides (calcium and ammonium) for maintaining proper pH balance, which helps support immune system efficiency and enhances respiratory function.

For the Respiratory System

Fen-Gre - Maintains the body's natural function of supporting healthy levels of mucus and phlegm in the lungs and bronchial tubes.

For the Liver

Antronex - Supports the liver and the body's natural histamine function. Can be combined with Cal-Amo for more immediate support.

For the Adrenal (Stress) Glands

Drenamin - Helps the body maintain its natural anti-inflammatory response function. Can be combined with any of the products listed above for added support.

Defend yourself against pollen, seasonal, and other stresses with Standard Process whole food supplements. They will help you stay active indoors and out this Spring. I can help you determine which supplements will be most beneficial to your particular situation and minimize the "ACHOOs".


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