A Vote to Do Away with your Supplements is Coming in Wilmington NC

A Vote to Do Away with your Supplements is Coming in Wilmington NC

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Several years ago, my daughter Ella Rose ate an entire bottle of Catalyn. My wife, in a panic, wanted me to call the Poison Control Center for emergency guidance. Not seeing this as a life-threatening situation, but recognizing that my wife DID see it that way.. we compromised. I called instead Standard Process in Wilmington NC. Their response? "Now Doctor, you're familiar with what's in those tablets, right? Catalyn is made from only natural plant and animal ingredients. There is absolutely NOTHING in them that would be toxic to your daughter, even in large doses. She may have some loose stools, but there is NO threat."

Yes, I DID already know that (and thankfully, NOW my wife was convinced too), and that is the precise reason that I personally use Standard Process products. I KNOW that they are a safe and superior source of nutrition for myself, my family, my staff, and my patients (although I DO recommend following prescribed dosages for optimal benefits)! There is a VAST difference among vitamin and supplement companies. Most of the products that are commercially available on the market today like Centrum, Flintstones, Mega One-a-Day, etc… are made with inferior synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals that your body cannot efficiently process. Therefore the benefits, if any, are often short-lived, or non-existent. Unfortunately, they are mostly detrimental.

Why it's Important in Wilmington NC

I am all for proper vitamin and mineral supplementation as the perfect addition to one's balanced whole food based diet, but I also know that one needs to be extremely cautious in their choice of supplement brands. In my opinion, Standard Process supplements are a superior choice because they are made from the finest whole food sources so your body can actually recognize and utilize the vitamins and minerals provided. That's why you will see only Standard Process and their sister company MediHerb products on my shelves. Take charge of your nutritional supplementation choices and choose wisely!

I also encourage you to contact Congressman Mike McIntyre and ask him to vote "NO" on bill S1310 (Dietary Supplement Labeling Act)
* Write to him at:
2428 Rayburn House Office Building,
Washington, DC 20515
* Call his office at 202.225.2731
* Or send a fax to 202.225.5773.

Stand up for what you know is best for you and your family. Don't allow your rights to be taken away!


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